Ascent Kombucha

Our story

Our kombucha is pure, raw, delightfully drinkable, and handcrafted with Teton mountain mineral water. We are promoting health in a fun way, making tasty kombucha that is enticing, easy to drink, and has converted many proclaimed non kombucha drinkers!


Our flavors

We use a continuous brewing method to make our kombucha with a blend of organic green, black, and white teas, organic cane sugar, and live culture. Our different flavors are created in a second fermentation using organic fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Our flavors are gently infused, which results in an exceptionally fresh tasting kombucha that is not intensely flavored. We think this makes our kombucha uniquely drinkable by the pint, and it pairs well with all kinds of dishes!

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our mission

Our kombucha is pure & raw, handcrafted in Driggs, Idaho with Teton mountain mineral water, probiotics, organic ingredients, with no additions after fermentation. We strive to inspire personal transformation through an active, adventurous lifestyle & an ascendance to a higher elevation of health, creativity, & Human experience.

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